Duels in the magic world, are considered the ways to figure out whos better. Wizards, result into duels before physical conflic. Dueling insists of magic instead of body-to-body contact, as their magic. The results are usually temporary damage, depending on their age group, or the matter at hand. For instance: Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy was 12, and in his Second year, as was Harry. But, in the case of Harry Potter vs. Voldemort. They were both Of Age, and it was the whole world at hand.

Rules of the DuelEdit

  • The two wizards or witches duelling must bow before hand, as rules apply so.


  • A second, is when a wizard or witch falls or gets injured by the opponent. They take over and finish the duel, if possible,

Famous DuelsEdit