Magic, is a substance in which is passed on with heredity. Mom's and Dad's that are Wizards and Witches, have a son that can be Half-Blood or Pure-Blood. Students who don't have magical powers and obtain magic is known as Muggle-Born or Mud-Blood.


Wands are owned by Wizards, who have magic powers. Wands have a certain type of wood, core, and a size. The wood varies, and so does the core and size. The longest Wand known is Rubeus Hagrid and the shortest is Dolores Umbridge. Wands is what produces spells, jinxes, hex's, and help with potions. The strongest wand is known to be the Elder Wand and its also a Deathly Hallow. Wands choose the Wizard or Witch. They recognize their true master. Where as, the Elder Wand when in battle, if they Wizard or Witch losses the battle; dies, or gets the wand taken away, the Elder Wand switches to the winner.


Spells, are magical substances that come out of wands. They are known to have different colors. The strong ones being Green; Avada Kedavra. Whereas the easier ones are Red; Stupefy. Spells is only used by wizards. Goblins can also cast spells, they just don't have a wand. Also house-elves don't need a wand, and most are happy without a wand.



  • A brew is a liquid mixture made by steeping, soaking, or boiling solid ingredients in water.
  • A concoction is, simply, a mixture of ingredients.
  • A draught or draft is one serving or portion of a potion. The word draft indicates the substance is drawn from a cask rather than from a closed bottle.
  • An elixir is a sweetened, aromatic solution used as medicine.
  • A philter is a potion designed to enchant or charm the drinker.
  • A poison is a potion intended to cause harm or death to the drinker.
  • A tincture is a benign medicine preserved in alcohol.

Potions can change people, heal people, kill people, injure people, give luck, give lust.